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  • Chase Bliss

    Guitar Effects Pedals

“Follow Your Bliss”- Joseph Campbell

Chase Bliss Audio started from something tragic but has turned into a very successful company and we are very proud to be a Chase Bliss Audio dealer. Not only do they have some phenomenal pedals but their philosophy on giving the player total control and something “truly different” is something that we value very much here at MTSM.

Pedals like the Spectre, Tonal Recall and Gravitas can be heard from some of your favorite artists such as:

Jeffrey Kunde (Jesus Culture)

And many more.

To read the history of Chase Bliss Audio, be sure to check out their website:

The Thermae has been selling really well!


The Wombtone by Chase Bliss Audio
Chase Bliss Audio is well represented at Mantova's Two Street Music
Chase Bliss Audio is available at Mantova's Two Street Music