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Suzuki is now building Vox Harmonicas, and Mantova's Two Street Music is one of the first dealers to carry!

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Vox is making some really great harmonicas!



A Humboldt County favorite, Suzuki makes a great harmonica! Crafted in Japan, these harmonicas are precision engineered to perform at a level that exceeds the price.  Featuring laser-etched reed plates and fairly-rounded edges that accommodate busy-handling.  

The professional series we offer include the Promaster, Olive and Manji.  Here's the quick facts:

The Promaster is an all-metal harmonica that leaves a brilliant, bright overtone.

The Olive is a warm sounding harmonica that tends to present a darker overtone.

The Manji is the namesake of the company, Manji Suzuki, and is the warmest sounding of the three Pro Models. 


For the lower price points: we offer the Suzuki Bluesmaster and Folkmaster



Michael is breaking in a brand new Suzuki Firebreath!

Suzuki Fire Breath

Fire Breath | Suzuki Harmonicas | Mantova's Two Street Music

And yes!  They are repairable!

Michael Luhrs demoing a Suzuki Firebreath