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  • Yamaha

    Electric Guitars

Yamaha has a smart history of incorporating the most popular advances in guitar technology with an eye toward inventions that better the guitar.  Not an easy thing to do, because the electric guitar has remained pretty much the same since the 50's and 60's, give or take!

Starting off with Nylon guitars, and then eventually adding electric models to the lineup, Yamaha worked in the early years with renowned artists like Santana.  Yamaha guitars have always been known for exceptional build quality, fast playing necks, and a lot of thought to smart enginneering.  

At our Eureka store, we celebrate Yamaha's success by carrying the largest selection of their guitars.  Customers have commented that they have never seen so many Yamahas in one place!  ...and that's OK with us!


A few of the Yamaha's that have graced our store
Yamaha fine craftsmanship is present in all models, from high to low price
Mantova's is one of the few stores' that specializes in the Revstar line
Revstar guitars offer high quality and value. The Dry Switch is a particularly nice touch
Some of the Revstar models are crafted in Japan